Garfinkle Orthodontics | CASE STUDY

“We are happy that our vision became a functioning reality”.


Rooster Grin templated websites are great but sometimes our clients have specific visions, ideas, or needs that can only be met by a custom site. A custom website is built to the specific vision of the client and often includes complex features to reflect the personality of the business. The Garfinkle Ortho team felt that their website was too “wordy” and was starting to look “dated”. They wanted something that would stand out and invite potential patients to interact with the practice through the website.

Working with Rooster Grin To Find A Solution

Rooster Grin is experienced in creating websites that are powerful, fast, and modern. The Garfinkle Ortho team knew they wanted to work with Rooster Grin because they already knew they had the expertise, “RG is our go to for all things web presence.”


The process of building the custom website for Garfinkle Ortho began by scheduling a kick-off meeting to discuss the overall look, feel, and functionality of the website. “During the kick-off meetings, we ask our clients questions about their vision for the website including image preferences, tone of the copy, target audience, and unique features”, describes RG project manager. Rooster Grin uses the kick-off meeting and subsequent follow-up meetings to stay organized and regularly check-in with the client to receive feedback on the progress. The Garfinkle Ortho team describes the process from their point of view “RG did a good job of moving the ball down the field and keeping a thousand loose ends organized. They did this by gathering thorough meeting notes and regularly scheduled meetings.”


Rooster Grin has proven to be a leader in building custom websites for a variety of industries. The result is always a functioning and innovative design that matches the inspiration shared by the client.


Garfinkle ortho received a website that is modern and immersive for potential clients. Dr. Garfinkle describes what he likes the best about his custom build “We like things that feel interactive, one of my favorite features is the before and after photo slider! We are happy that the vision became a functioning reality”. 


“To achieve Dr. Garfinkle’s vision, we had several brainstorming sessions to identify the key features that would drive potential patients to connect with the website” – RG Lead Designer

To build something truly tailored to your needs and vision that is functional and converts prospects to patients. “We want to design a custom website that reflects who you are and what you can offer your potential patients with fun features that drive conversion.” – RG Lead Designer