Orthodontic Partners | CASE STUDY

“We have very happy practices with sleek, new websites that perform well.”


When Orthodontic Partners decides to build a new site, their first step is to assess the areas of opportunity in the marketing efforts and digital presence for that practice. If the website is not up to par in terms of speed and user experience, this typically affects paid search performance negatively. Orthodontic Partners finds that most practices welcome the upgrade and get to work immediately. The goal is to shape the website for each practice to deliver a seamless, conversion-focused user experience with optimal site speed and rank for paid search. This website re-design should be completed quickly and be aligned with the overall Orthodontic Partners branding.

Working with Rooster Grin To Find A Solution

First, our designers focused on selecting a group of templates that made sense for this website make-over. The templates are chosen based on the general aesthetics, the features to be highlighted, and the overall look and feel. The client feels that this templated approach is “straightforward and feels good about the collaboration process”. Orthodontic Partners loves the ease and price-benefit offered by the templated sites adding, “We really appreciate the competitive pricing for templated sites!”.

Rooster Grin’s Developers work in conjunction with the design team to ensure that the templated sites meet the needs and expectations of the client. In the case of Orthodontic Partners, the goal is always to ensure that the website runs at optimal speed and provides the best experience for paid search. The developers achieve this by employing a variety of new solutions, such as NUXT (a framework for JavaScript) which optimizes high-quality video and photos to be viewed almost instantly on mobile and desktop devices.


Orthodontic Partners has specific goals and timelines for each practice website development and the team makes sure to establish checkpoints, deadlines, and detailed plans from beginning to end to keep the process as smooth as possible. In the end, the client praised the product and the process. The websites perform well, are aesthetically pleasing, and on-brand.

We partnered with Rooster Grin because of the personal attention to our organization and the demonstrated ability to overcome challenges in the design process, troubleshooting sites.