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“Effective SEO strategy is key to boosting your online presence”.

The Problem

No matter how beautiful your website is, it doesn’t make a difference if no one is able to find it. The first resource for most new leads will be through a search engine, like Google, to find braces or an orthodontist in their area. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. Understanding and utilizing SEO allows you to work with the algorithms that rank websites in order to place high on pages that are pertinent to your practice.

Working with Rooster Grin To Find A Solution

Rooster Grin has been providing this and other marketing services to our customers for about as long as we’ve operated; we understand the ins and outs of optimizing your site, how to stay relevant and ensure you remain competitive with your online exposure. We want to ensure that the keywords (phrases or searches like”‘braces in Portland”) are pertinent to your services. 

It’s important to also take your area into account since convenience of location is a priority for most patients. Our Marketing Manager collaborates with clients on these keywords to create a blend of what the practice wants to target (providing their local expertise) as well as what our research shows will produce the highest yield. We do a thorough analysis of our customer’s websites, the search volume of their chosen keywords and competition to ensure that the site is optimized for performance. 

“I work with clients to identify what their target customers are searching for, building a bridge between them.” – Rooster Grin SEO specialist


Rooster Grin has a proven track record when it comes to improving site traffic through SEO, whether you’re in a metropolitan city or a rural area, the United States or Canada. 

Dr. Scott Sakowitz, a customer who has used our services for several websites over the last five years remarked, “The numbers don’t lie. You have keyword ranking increasing along with website traffic.” He noted that most of his patients identified Google as their source for discovering his practice. When Rooster Grin started optimization for one of his sites,, only two keywords were on the first page; two years later, there are 21, with eight in the top five positions on Google.

Making sure your practice is easy to find online makes the difference when it comes to building beautiful smiles. “Our job is to create a beautiful website that is easily found, this allows you to focus on your patients” – RG Lead Designer