Rooster Grin Buys Hosting Clients

Rooster Grin has worked for years to perfect the art of web hosting. We support companies of sizes ranging from large, publicly traded companies to a small businesses. We have hosting packages that meet the needs of all clients. In addition to providing cutting-edge web hosting using best-in-class server technology, our requests team will make changes to a website. These changes to websites are included in our hosting package so there is rarely an additional charge to complete an edit. Best of all, the requests team is extremely responsive so that the updates are handled quickly and correctly.

Many web development companies have elected to sell their portfolio of web hosting clients to Rooster Grin. By selling hosting clients to Rooster Grin, you can be confident that your clients are well cared for and you get additional money without the costs or hassle of maintaining hosting clients.

If you host websites and are interested in learning how much Rooster Grin will pay to transfer your hosting clients to us, please contact us at or submit the contact form below. We can evaluate your hosting clients and, potentially, make an offer to purchase them.

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